Backlinks for Business

Link Building Why?

BackLinks for Websites. Why are they so important?

A recent statement was quoted from the Google site which says;

In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by

increasing the number of high – quality sites that link to their pages.


Among the millions of pages on the Web it is becoming harder for your website to rank. That is why one indicator that Google uses to find you is your link popularity. If you have more links to you than the business next door, the web crawlers conclude that you have better content, higher authority, more credibility, and you would be more helpful to that person searching for the product or service your offering then your competitor. This is where backlinks for websites are not to be ignored.

So basically through my reading from multiple credible online sources A top ranking factor for your website is to get more quality backlinks and this shows Google that you are more valuable.

But don’t think you can put a link to your site anywhere. Your Anchor text needs to make sense to your linked content.

Your links need to be in harmony with your website content. If not it could have the opposite effect.

Be careful using spintex and don’t copy from someone else. If caught you can get ‘fine’ and your website can be suspended. Do the right thing. Linking and writing good content about your business weekly or monthly will really give your website grunt over time.

I have been reading a number of research findings from the crew from ‘Ahrefs‘ where they checked their own site and the image below shows the results.

backlinks for websites


Quality Back-links

The better quality and higher number of authority back-links to your site, allow Google to see your websites value and importance. You can increase your domains authority by it’s age and consistant high quality content. The more quality backlinks the higher ranking of your site.

Linking Strategies

The best ways for linking harmony are through considering your Title, Anchor text, URL, Heading tags, Keywords in the first paragraph, proximity information and user location. Some of the best and most natural ways for Linking to your website are through;

  • Content creation and Promotion – people read your articles they like it so much that they share it with workmates and friends.
  • Submissions – Press Releases and Directories. There are hundreds of business directories and News release sites.
  • Reviews and Mentions – Put yourself in front of popular Bloggers in your niche. Share on Facebook and  other Social media sites.
  • Links from Friends and Partners.

You can also go to to get extra links etc. However beware that when you add multiple links at one time, this can create an unnatural link process and the links can come from any location around the world. The safest way to strengthen your Website is to manually build links at a local level, adding 2 to 3 weekly or monthly. Google is rewarding those businesses that have been around longer with more unique valuable content on their sites.

So I hope this article has been helpful. Please share this page link with others.

Written by Rona M. 2017.