Best Web Design Practices for Small Business Websites in 2017.

Your Web Design for Business in 2017

Web Design for Small Business

Your Website is an Essential Pivot Point for your Small Business. I like to call it your piece of Real estate in the Online Space. Your Business Website will speak to your market, answer your customers questions and be your Brand Presence. So having an effective Web Design for Small Business is essential to connect with the customers you want to find. Research shows that a visitor only spends 3-7 seconds on your page before they shift somewhere else. This being the case then certain elements need to be considered to get the best from your website developer to create the best website for you.

Have an Immediate Pitch which says who you are, what you do and why you are the best choice over your competitors. You have 3-7 seconds to connect with your customer otherwise they will go to another page.

Have a clear Call To Action. Place your phone number in the top right hand corner. Have your contact info in your footer and quick links to your most valuable content. Add your opening business hours.

Have Conversion tracking setup. Here you can track your advertising spend and visitors to your website and then maximise your return on investment.

Add an ‘About Us’ page. Your company exists for the customers. Make it appealing and write how you will benefit your customer. Your ‘about page’ demonstrates your integrity and the benefit the customer will have bring associated with you.

Google loves Unique High Quality Content. So when creating content about your business, make it unique to you and make it useful to your customers. The pages you want to rank for would include keyword rich content specific to your niche market. Give your visitors a reason to invest in your business. Keep your content updated by keeping your copywrite in your footer the current year. Add a newsfeed or blog and provide a weekly article about how your business can benefit others. Invite people to comment and share.

A great web design for New business is usually visually compelling. Not too flashy and not too busy. Clear, appealing and inviting. A short video or relevant images to your niche market are the best. Remember it needs to catch the visitor’s eye within 7 seconds.
Your User Experience needs to be Logical. What question did they ask to get to your page and did they get the answer. Focus on your target audience. Don’t try to please everyone.

Mobile Friendly. Is your design in sinc with the mobile world. Images and text need to align to fit the smaller screens. Mobile devices are fast becoming the immediate tools for search before getting home to search on your desk top computer.

Your Website Developer will find a Stable Hosting Structure. This means the structure supports a large community of users. Fast load times, SEO optimised, it gives you the ability to edit content from all devices, it is supported by developers and is updated constantly.

You must have a Small Business Strategy Plan. Having a Website is not enough to bring in customers. You must create traffic to it. Your plan will need to include advertising, networking with other business owners, building relationships, email marketing, social networking and traditional marketing. It depends on your specific niche and focusing on a specific target audience.


A Web Company with Up-to-Date Web Design  for Small Business in 2017

It is helpful to find a web designer you can work with closely. At the end of the day your business will reflect who you are. It is unique to you. A Web Design Company can bring this out for you by working closely with you.
I have enjoyed being a part of SEOconsultingWA. A local Company to Western Australia who is keen to spend that time with you to get things right. Contact them through their Website HERE.


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