Backlinks For Business … ‘In general webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high quality sites that link to their pages’.   Scammer Revealed …   In trailing some free advertising I was unprepared when a […]

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About us

  SEOconsultingWA  This page is about SEO consulting WA and how it began. Managing Director Rona McLean founded the company in 2016. Keen to use her desire to become an Entrepeneur she started looking into online business. After some trial […]

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MOBILE MARKETING SOLUTIONS  PROGRESSIVE WEB APP’S On research I have found that to get help with taking your business mobile can be a very costly. Often taking smaller businesses out of the market and unable to compete with the bigger […]

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Terms and conditions

SEO consulting WA is not for all businesses. Read below for a run down of our terms.  Consulting from our company is not for all Businesses. You maybe a franchisee’ where all the ‘online promotion’ is done by a central […]

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Our Business



Small Business Mobile App’s

New to SEO consulting WA is the Power of Progressive Web App’s. For any market whether you are in Realestate,Retail, Agriculture, Hospitality, Non-profit organisations, Churches, Sports, Health, Professionals and Services. Stat’s are showing that people are spending 2 hours almost per day, on their mobile devices. Almost everyone has a mobile phone and go to it first to find out the lastest info on that interest at the time. Here at SEO consulting WA we have access to amazing software that can produce an amazing App for you. Contact us to get a quote today.

Website Development for Business

Your Foundation is effective Website Development for your New Business. This can be like your Realestate hub for your Business in the Online space. SEO consulting WA build’s and design’s your Business Website. We work closely with you to make sure we have Unique Content specific to your Business needs and it is created with your idea’s in place. Your Sitelock and SSL certificate are a standard feature. These are essential for Malware protection and becoming an important ranking factor.  SSL safe with SEOconsultingWA

One of a  multiple number of hosting platforms are chosen from. One is chosen specific to your Business Niche. The details of login and access codes are given to you so you can learn to edit the material yourself as time goes on. Education is given so you can add information to your site as your go along. We bring our skills to business in the Rural and Local sectors as this is not always a strong point for the ‘hands on business agriculturalist or Horticulturalist’.


Marketing Online

Your Business and your Business Website will be exposed quicker when you combine it with Google profiles, Social Media Marketing, BackLinks, Business listings (citations) and Article Building. Of course this takes time. I have found that yes a website gets built but lacks the extensions which are an important ranking factor to keep you ahead of the competition.

The All In One Package creates your Google profiles; gmail, youtube, Google Plus, My Business and Google Maps. With this comes Google Verification with Google Search Console, Tracking and Analytics. These are important to track visits to your Business Website. This can be forgotten by local’s. Here in Busselton we bring these skill sets to the area. Extending to Dunsborough, Bunbury and Margaret River.

Social Media profiles are created. Four in all. Facebook being one of the main ones. Australian Sensis 2016 find that 48% of Small Business Owners Advertise on Facebook and 79% of Large Business. 69% of Aussies are on Facebook. Research from the Ahrefs Analysis Tools show a large majority of social traffic comes from Facebook,  Youtube, and Linkedin. These are area’s which can be overlooked, but can be an essential part of your Business.

All access to these accounts are handed to you for editing in the future. Your Business will continue to be evolving and you will need to keep updating as your business grows.

Market research shows that Backlinks to and from your Business website are a helpful factor in competing against your competition. Links to credible and safe sites are positive aspects to ranking. You are also helping other Business Owners by supporting their Business as well. Our All In One Package Deal includes placing your Business on a number of Business listing companies which specialise in getting your name out.

As you can get the feel, essential Website Development for Business is time consuming and that is why some companies request so much for building a Website. Our Initial Package focuses on Free listings. ie, Yellowpages, Tru Local etc.

Google Adwords Campaigns and Advertising on Facebook.

SEOconsultingWA also combines digital marketing campaigns which will be set up once your Website is live. This is initially started using a  Google Adwords campaign taking various keywords from your product or service niche. An Ad is placed for your Business on the Google Search Platform. We can target your Country, topics, Interests and ReMarket to groups.  The same is done for Facebook.

Your Website will be set up according to Google’s Policy requirements so your Business can be promoted successfully and without fear of suspension. The Budget for these campaigns is made up from your package deal amount and will come from your deposit, so there is no extra charge.

Analytics, Competition and Reviews

Here at SEOconsultingWA we use credible; SEO Analysis Tools, Google Search Console, and gain support from a number of other providers in the field around Australia. After some trial and error we have settled on some popular Tools that are Credible, continually updated and produce constant education in this industry. So we would like to encourage you to relax and let us do the work for you while you concentrate on your customers.

Regular contact with you is essential for the Website development for your New Business. The time period for the Package is three months then reviewed after that.

Process for Pricing

SEOconsultingWA eyes

A 30% or 50% deposit is required to start, then Monthly instalments until Completion. The time period for this is three months. We would like to give you a free consultation to assess your Business goals and see what SEOconsultingWA can do for you. Our customers will need to fill out a Confidentiality Form and an Agreement Form which is signed before commencement.

Call Us through the number at the top of the page or fill out our contact form.