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 This page is about SEO consulting WA and how it began. Managing Director Rona McLean founded the company in 2016. Keen to use her desire to become an Entrepeneur she started looking into online business. After some trial and error she discovered putting other people’s Business Online was a great Option. The first little while of the Business started with a lot of research into the Australian Market and what Australians where actually looking for when it came to placing their Business Online.

For most people she spoke to, she found a lack of  trust and respect.  For many Business Owners working with Online Consultants can be impersonal, confusing and frustrating. Rona attempts to replace this with trust, understanding,and education, to develop positive relationships and a boost in Return on Investment. A daunting prospect. It takes time, patience and numerous testing senario’s to get the best result for traditional Business.  The first place people look for your business is now Online. On the mobile phone, the ipad  the note book , or the desktop computer. So basically this is about what SEOconsultingWA is ALL ABOUT.

Good ‘Ol’ Google search is not going away anytime soon. In fact it has become an Essential element of Business. Statistics from the Australian Sensis show that 61% of Small Business Owners now have Websites (2016 Australian Sensis).  The biggest fear Businesses have with creating a Business Website is Security.  This is becoming an important factor in ranking your website against your competitors as well. Our ‘All In One Package Deal’  includes the security of your website as a standard fixture. SEO consulting WA can now market your business online in the South West. Improve your website through Search engine optimisation tools, and  Advertises your business with paid and free methods.

Developing New Business Websites and Marketing them Online

 Local business plays a big role in the community and keeps prices reasonable. Rona sets up personal meetings with you, reviews your Business goals for your New Business and works with you to implement a forward plan.  This is reviewed regularly with preferred face to face meetings.

As I talk to more people about their own businesses in the online space they are continually  frustrated and feel in the dark when it comes to managing their website pages. Especially the businesses that have been around for a long time.

About SEO consulting WA and the Director

About SEO consulting WA

A mother of four teenagers with a wonderful supportive husband. Rona wants to live outside the box, she wanted to step into the world of running her own business for a long time and has now taken the plunge.

 She loves to meet local people developing their businesses, especially in the agricultural industry. She has now partnered up with Business Southwest and the Local Chamber of Commerce.  Rona was brought up on a wheat/sheep farm in the wheat belt of WA and doesn’t mind travelling to get to know the businesses that she will support. She presently lives on a rural property that runs cattle outside of Busselton and loves the area. She enjoys a very active life.

As the business continues to grow she continues to seek strong support from her Mentors and Business Coach. She is excited about passing any snippets of info along to help you in your own businesses. Contact me via phone 0408923037 or through my contact Page to organise a consultation. No extra charge.

We look forward to speaking with you.